Who is J.R.S?

J.R.S. is James R. Smith, and he is no stranger to music. He has been a musician since the age of twelve and some believe he started before then. Music is always runing through his head. He has been producing artist and music for quite some time now and has finally decided to start producing himself.

Why now?

"I always tell the artist I work with to sing from their heart. Have a passion for the music and it will be seen. Write songs you are proud of and want people to hear. Now it's time for me to follow my own advice. I believe that God has been grooming me for such a time.."

Why title your first album "Who Is.."?

I call it who is becacue the world is in search of God. We're so worried about identtity theif and the likes that we sometime forget who is Lord and King.

JRS Family

J.R.S. is married to Tiara Smith formerly Monk and they have two wonderful children, Amirah and one to be announce after Valentines Day

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